“The Transformation of Things”

AntheA Delmotte performing the Trance State Flow Painting Performance of “The Transformation of Things”

“The Transformation of Things” is a 5 meter x 1.8 meter sized work in acrylic on canvas. Completed by internationally celebrated artist AntheA Delmotte during a one and a half hour long “Trance State Painting” session accompanied by music, this is a most unusual and sought-after piece. It was executed on 3 July 2017, on location at AntheA’s home, on Adullan Farm in the Piket Bo-Berg region of Western Cape, South Africa.

“Trance State Painting” is a very unique genre of artistic expression developed by AntheA Delmotte over the past decade. Reminiscent of the way Pablo Picasso used to work at times, this approach sees the artist entering a state of complete detachment from the ordinary physical world and the influence of her conscious control over the painting process. Throughout her colourful creative career, AntheA realised the power of this subconscious creative mode, but remained totally independent of influences like Picasso. While in retrospect, AntheA can relate to Picasso’s experience when he says: “When I paint, I am not inside my body”, she takes this subconscious mode of expression much further. Her’s is an intentional application of this trancelike state during painting, and Anthea’s core work has become an intentional pursuit, throughout the development and promotion of her unique genre of Trance State Painting performance.

A deeper subconscious creative process is what drives each “Trance State Painting” session that AntheA Delmotte performs, accompanied by music, at times even delivered by a live band. AntheA mixes colour, changes between various brush sizes, stands back to gain her posture and then, at times seem to attack the canvas, jumping, twirling and dancing her way to fashion a composition that transforms from mere splashes and smears of pigment, to a balanced canvas of colour and form, communicating deep nuances of subconsciously channeled metaphor and symbolism.

A rare opportunity to acquire “The Transformation of Things” will soon arise. ┬áThis work represents one of the latest deliveries from AntheA Delmotte’s unique genre of Trance State Painting Performances. ┬áThank you for your interest and please get in touch if you require further information about the piece, AntheA Delmotte and her work.


“The Transformation of Things” by celebrated artist AntheA Delmotte is a 5 meter x 1.8 meter sized work in acrylic on canvas